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Develop in a residency at Phi Centre (Montreal, Canada), and at Johns Hopkins ISET Concentration in Baltimore as part of the Sundance Future of Culture Initiative. BREATHE is a co-creation with Phi-Centre, Jess Engel Crimes of Curiosity (USA) and Stephen Mangiat. Narrated by Zazie Beetz, the project premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2020 at the New Frontier program.

A central challenge for humanity is to re-image our relationship to the rest of the living world. Breathe is a mixed-reality experience that uses body movement, gesture, and breath (through biometric sensors) to immerse participants in the story of air. Breathe invites you to experience an atmosphere of your own creation, recasting your ordinary daily experience of breathing as an immediate direct link to the complex living world we inhabit. It harnesses the power of Magic Leap technology to reconnect us to the world around us.


Breathe is a perfect fit for mixed reality glasses and a large-scale setting… And for outsiders looking at the stage, it’s intriguing without giving too much away about the experience.


Breathe offers a fresh take on climate change awareness with a breathing-focused coop experience.


A 12-minute communal experience, it taps into body movement to tell the story of air— and our role in its cycle — with incredible thought and beauty.


[Breathe’s] narrative takes participants through the shared experience of reimagining our human relationship to the rest of the living world.

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